Care About Childcare Grant

Care About Childcare grants are available to providers who participate in Care About Childcare!  Active participants will be awarded upon completion of the requirements.  Funding is limited, call 1-855-531-2468 or go to CCPDI for more information.


Family Start-up Grants

Start-up grants are available to anyone who receives their Family Child Care license. (Residential Certificate providers may not apply.)  You can receive a reimbursement up to $350 for licensing costs by completing the following steps:

  • Notify Care About Childcare of your intent to license.
  • Keep receipts for every cost for which you will be requesting reimbursement.
  • Complete the Sharing the Caring class, an initial recruitment training for new family providers. Call CAC @ USU to pre-register.
  • Submit the Licensing Grant Reimbursement Request form, along with you receipts, to CAC @ USU when you complete you licensing requirements. (This form will be mailed to you.)
  • Interested in the Family Start-up Grant? Let us know!


Family Provider PC Grants

A family child care provider who completes the Child Care Provider Coaching(PC) Program will be eligible for a PC Grant. You will be awarded the PC Grant by completing the following steps:

  • Participation in and completion of the PC program which includes 20-30 hours of  onsite TA/coaching (20 hour minimum).
  • Complete 10 hours of formal Care About Childcare Career Ladder training and/or individualized homework assignments.
  • Develop a Quality Improvement Plan with the PC (Program Coach) to assist in individualized services that may include; health and safety issues, developmental learning activities, environment, professional-business practices and/or provider-child interactions.
  • Complete the PC order form and evaluation survey to receive materials and equipment for your child care. (Your Program Coach will provide these forms).
  • Interested in the Provider Coaching Program? Give us a call!

Other Available Funding

View the list of grants that are offered and currently available through the Office of Child Care.